Built to Last 2020

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Friday, 30 October 2020 / The Cordis Hotel, 83 Symonds Street, Auckland & Streamed live

Join us as we take a deep dive into new ideas that will transform and strengthen New Zealand’s construction industry. Our line up of national and international industry experts will speak on what construction best practice now looks like in a COVID-19 world, focusing on the core topics of Resilience, Technology and Wellbeing. 

Built to Last will be delivered as a hybrid event, with in-person and virtual attendees and presenters. See Registration details below for ticketing information.




Speaker / Event


Registration opens / Welcome tea & coffee


MC: Petra Bagust
NZIOB CEO: Malcolm Fleming


Opening Keynote:
Jesse Devitte, Co-founder and General Partner, Building Ventures, Boston & San Francisco, USA*
For a Better Built World: How do we develop a productive, profitable, and resilient construction industry that is built to last?


Resilience Session 1:
Shawn Achor, New York Times bestselling author & Founder of GoodThinkInc., Texas, USA*
How to develop resilience for ourselves (the individual), while collectively growing the resilience of the companies and industry in which we work (the ecosystem) 


Morning break


Resilience Session 2:
Susan Huria, Former Chair of Ngāi Tahu Property, Ngāi Tahu
Practical guidance in building resilience


Technology Session:
Jit Kee Chin, Chief Data & Innovation Officer, Executive VP, Suffolk Construction, Boston, USA*
People-centered innovation: Putting people at the heart of how we encourage innovation in the organization and in the ecosystem


Lunch break


Technology Workshop: Maximising the technology opportunity for our sector
Facilitated by Peter Harrison and Martin Grant of ThinkPlace

This will be a fast-paced and engaging session where you will work with others to explore 3 questions related to technology:

  1. How might technology accelerate our pathway to a productive and sustainable sector?
  2. How might we increase the rate of technology adoption within our sector?
  3. How might my organisation respond tomorrow to contribute to the technology shift we need to see?
This workshop is limited to in-person attendees only.
1:45pm Wellbeing Session:

Darryl-Lee Wendelborn, Managing Director, Beca New Zealand
How we can work together at a national, industry and personal level to create thriving and sustainable communities that support our collective wellbeing and ultimately enhance people’s lives.


Afternoon break


Case Study: Scott Base Redevelopment Project 
Simon Shelton, Scott Base Redevelopment Senior Project Manager, Antarctica New Zealand
Euan Mac Kellar, Principal, Jasmax
Anthony Leighs, Managing Director, Leighs Construction

The redevelopment of Scott Base, New Zealand’s home in Antarctica, is the largest and most complex project ever undertaken by Antarctica New Zealand. The ultimate ‘Built to Last’ case study, this session will examine the core topics of resilience, technology and wellbeing in what is arguably the harshest environment in the world.


Closing Keynote:
Simon Lincoln, Asia Pacific Director, Make Architects, Hong Kong/London/Sydney*
Designed to last: An international journey (the benefit of enduring design as a catalyst for maximizing the potential of our built environment)


MC: Petra Bagust
NZIOB CEO: Malcolm Fleming


Conference close

 *Will be presenting virtually via live webstream.




Managing Director, Leighs Construction

From its inception in 1995, Anthony has led Leighs Construction to become a highly successful and well-respected national commercial construction company. Anthony leads a team that operate within a culture focused on the successful completion of challenging construction projects and values of pride, passion and excellence. Leighs Construction completes a wide range of vertical and social infrastructure projects for the NZ Government such as hospitals, prisons, and education and research facilities.

An adventurous spirit, along with an ability to embrace challenges and innovation contributed to Leighs Construction being the first construction company to build for the New Zealand Government in Antarctica, with the construction of the Hillary Field Centre at New Zealand’s Scott Base in 2004. Anthony, along with the Project Manager were joint winners of the NZIOB Supreme Award and Innovation Award in 2005 for this project. 

Leighs Construction has completed all the other major construction projects at Scott Base since, including additions and alterations to the main base, remote location laboratories, and the wind turbine foundations.   

Anthony is an NZIOB member, a director of Ryman Healthcare, and a previous Chair of New Zealand Master Builders. 

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Managing Director, Beca New Zealand (Auckland, NZ)

Darryl-Lee is a vibrant and collaborative leader who embodies the changing face of the New Zealand engineering industry. She’s spoken on the representation of women in STEM at the United Nations in New York, established a programme to promote an increase in Māori and Pasifika representation in engineering, and is a board member of the Safe Roads Alliance dedicated to making 3,300 km of high-risk roads safer. She’s engaged in many other initiatives advocating for the greater involvement of women in STEM and has actively championed Beca’s support of Engineers Without Borders NZ. 

On top of that, Darryl-Lee is a highly credible technical leader who’s been involved in many of New Zealand’s most significant infrastructure projects, from the assessment of initial options for the Waterview Connection to the business case for the Waitematā Harbour Crossing. 

Darryl-Lee is a values-driven leader whose collaborative approach has been critical to Beca’s successful transformation from a regionally-focused to global organisation. 

Built to Last presentation:

Our industry is in an exciting time of disruption and change. This generation has an opportunity to positively transform the way we live, work and play – but to do that successfully, we need to put people and their wellbeing at the heart of what we do. Darryl-Lee will examine some of the challenges and barriers we face, and talk about how we can work together at a national, industry and personal level to create thriving and sustainable communities that support our collective wellbeing and ultimately enhance people’s lives.

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Principal, Jasmax

Euan has been a Principal at Jasmax since 2004. He leads a skilled design team that specialise in the health and education sector. Euan’s substantial base of international experience covers London, Portugal, Dubai, and South Africa; yet since joining Jasmax in 1996, New Zealand is now where Euan has built his largest and most accomplished body of credits. Together with his highly skilled team, Euan has the invaluable ability to overcome inherent complexities within projects, most recently exhibited in the CDHB Burwood Health Campus. His aptitude for design and his natural communication skills lead him to take an active part in management across the company. He actively fosters emerging design talent, plays a pivotal role in client interaction, and engages with the wider architecture industry.

Euan’s successfully delivered projects are a testament to his ability as a design director. These include various prominent health and education projects, including the 4 stages of development for Howick Baptist aged care facilities, Alan MacDiarmid Building at the University of Victoria, Wellington, and several master-planning and design projects at North Shore Hospital. Other significant projects include campus-wide developments at AUT University, AUT Business School, diverse Auckland City Hospital projects and the North Stand at Eden Park. 

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Co-founder and General Partner, Building Ventures (Boston & San Francisco, USA)

Jesse Devitte is Co-Founder and General Partner at Building Ventures, a company that provides capital, mentorship, and industry connections to entrepreneurs working on innovative solutions to design, construct and operate to a better built world. He began his career at Softdesk which grew from venture-funded startup through IPO to eventually become the Autodesk AEC Group where he was the first VP/GM of AEC.

Past investments include SketchUp, Newforma, Vico, SpaceClaim, Envista/OmniEarth, TinkerCad, Flux and FieldLens.  Current investments are Assemble Systems (acquired by Autodesk), Blokable, Built Robotics, Courbanize, Dandelion EnergyHypar, Honest Buildings (acquired by ProCore), Join.Build, JoinDigital, Measurabl, SketchFab and SmartVid.

Built to Last presentation: 

Our existing infrastructure is aging and inefficient; our building methodologies are wasteful and outdated. The technological revolution that has affected and transformed virtually every other industry has only recently begun to affect construction, the largest industry in the world, and real estate, the largest asset class in the world. Properly applied, technology and innovation can transform the construction and real estate industries to deliver a built environment that is more sustainable, resilient, equitable, flexible, productive, and delightful. Jesse will explore the opportunity for a more efficient and integrated construction industry to improve how we design, build, and operate to a better built world.

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Chief Data & Innovation Officer, Executive Vice President, Suffolk Construction (Boston, USA)

Jit Kee Chin is the Chief Data and Innovation Officer at Suffolk and is responsible for leveraging modern advances in data and technology to improve the organization’s core business. She is responsible for helping Suffolk achieve its vision of transforming the construction experience, and rethink how we build in the digital age. Prior to her role at Suffolk, Ms. Chin spent nearly 10 years with management consulting firm McKinsey and Company where she counseled senior executives on strategic, commercial and advanced analytics topics. Ms. Chin holds a PhD in Physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a BSc from the California Institute of Technology. 

Built to Last presentation:

Innovation at Suffolk is a natural extension of our tagline to “Prove Impossible Wrong”, driven by our ambition to improve the industry. We believe in people-centered innovation, where People are at the heart of how we encourage innovation in our organization and in the ecosystem. In this talk, I will share more about our macro philosophy, as well as the specific programs we have built to drive innovation, and the technologies we are using. I will also offer some thoughts on innovation culture, and end with a view on innovation ecosystems.  

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Director, ThinkPlace New Zealand (Auckland, NZ)

ThinkPlace’s purpose is to accelerate change towards vibrant communities, strong economies, sustainable environments and trusted institutions. 

Martin’s varied career has included roles such as the Chief Innovation Officer at a technology company and working with representatives from across the building and construction industry to apply a system-based approach to the transformation of the industry. Martin supports exporting companies to understand and deliver to their customer needs, and brings his systems-thinking skills and training to sector-wide initiatives where change is needed.

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Director, ThinkPlace New Zealand (Auckland, NZ)

ThinkPlace’s purpose is to accelerate change towards vibrant communities, strong economies, sustainable environments and trusted institutions. 

Peter has a background in the construction industry, having started his career as a Civil Engineer designing and supervising the construction of city infrastructure throughout New Zealand, Australia and Qatar. Peter now works with health funders and providers to improve health outcomes for people, with exporting companies to create sustainable and purposeful business opportunities, and with sector-wide initiatives to accelerate the adaptation that is required for the future.

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New York Times bestselling author & Founder of GoodThinkInc.

Shawn Achor is the NYTimes bestselling author of The Happiness Advantage and Big Potential. Shawn graduated magna cum laude from Harvard and earned a Masters from Harvard Divinity School in Christian and Buddhist ethics. After spending 12 years at Harvard, Shawn traveled to 50 countries studying how to create an interconnected approach to potential and happiness. He has now worked with over a third of the Fortune 100 companies, and at places like NASA, the NFL, and the Pentagon.

Shawn has battle-tested his research in high challenge environments from working with all the public schools in Flint Michigan, to six battalions of Marines at Camp Pendleton, to government leaders at Camp David, to students in a shantytown in Soweto South Africa, to hospitals in the wake of a mass shooting in Orlando and the Boston bombing. In every place Shawn has found the optimism can be increased through mindset and behavioral change, and that by creating an interconnected approach to happiness and success, we shine brighter together. Shawn’s research made the cover of Harvard Business Review, his TED talk is one of the most popular of all time with over 22 million views, and his lecture airing on PBS has been seen by millions.

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Asia Pacific Director, Make Architects (Hong Kong, London & Sydney)

Simon Lincoln, Make’s Asia Pacific Director, is overseeing the architecture and design of the billion-dollar redevelopment of Wynyard Place, a transformational mixed-use development in the heart of Sydney’s CBD.

In a career spanning more than 20 years, Simon’s portfolio of built work covers Asia, the UK and the UAE. His work on Melbourne’s The Link (a multi-purpose passageway for Vicinity Centres’ Chadstone shopping centre) and Sydney’s The Education Building (transforming one of the city’s best-known heritage buildings into a high-end hotel) look set to become exemplars of Australian architecture.

Built to Last presentation:

Simon Lincoln will be presenting the benefit of enduring design as a catalyst for maximizing the potential of our built environment. Using key case studies from Make Architects’ international experience, Simon will discuss urban regeneration, heritage preservation, adaptive reuse, sustainability, and how the increasing use of technology across our built environment is delivering an urban fabric that is intelligent, durable, flexible, and sustainable. 

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Scott Base Redevelopment Senior Project Manager, Antarctica New Zealand

Simon Shelton was born as close as safely possible to Scott Base in Invercargill, he then grew up in the Antarctic gateway city of Christchurch. Needless to say, this naturally led him to a career with Antarctica New Zealand beginning in 2011. Simon has led the Scott Base Redevelopment project team from the initiation of the project in 2016. Prior to this, as Project Manager, he successfully delivered the $6.3m upgrades to the Hillary Field Centre at Scott Base. Simon has wintered at Scott Base twice, once as the Scott Base Winter Leader and Field Support, and in 2015 as Project Manager. Before working for Antarctica New Zealand, Simon worked on commercial, industrial and humanitarian projects in Australia, Afghanistan, India and New Zealand, following his passion for remote and challenging projects. He enjoys leading teams, environmental stewardship and science. 

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Former Chair of Ngāi Tahu Property, Ngāi Tahu (Auckland, NZ)

Susan Huria is a non-executive chair and director with over two decades of governance in private, public, Iwi, not for profit, council-controlled, government and NZX-listed entities.

Susan was Chair of Ngāi Tahu Property until July 2020, having served on the board for seven years, and is currently Chair of Gisborne Covered Production, a director of Connexis, Construction Health and Safety NZ, Leaderbrand Holdings, and the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners. She was previously Chair of Veterinary Enterprises and Deputy Chair of AgResearch.

Susan Huria is a Chartered Fellow of the NZ Institute of Directors a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and on the Community Governance Steering Group.

Built to Last presentation:

From politically powerless and materially poor 20 years ago, Ngāi Tahu is now an economic force to be reckoned with. Owners of a multi-billion dollar charity – including a diversified property company – the Ngāi Tahu journey has required resilience. An intergenerational investor with the scale to take on big projects with long time frames and good structures. A focus on post-trauma growth (what good can come of COVID-19), running a useful pre-mortem, design thinking, and taking people with you for the long term.

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