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The Institute has set this year’s Annual General Meeting date for Thursday 22nd of August 2019. The Auckland venue is yet to be confirmed, though it is planned that the AGM be bracketed with a CPD event. Details will be advised to members late July/early August.
The 22 August AGM will be the first to be held under the new NZIOB Constitution as ratified by the membership at the Institute’s Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM), which was held earlier this year in Christchurch. Following the 11 April EGM, nominations were called for the following positions: Chair and Board members of the National Board, and Chair and Committee members of the Regional Committees. An election would be required, should the number of those nominated for the roles exceed the number of positions to be filled.
For 2019, there is no requirement for an election. The make-up of the NZIOB’s National Board and Regional Committees is:
National Board 

Chair Committee
Graeme Birkhead

Graeme Earl (Regional rep)
Hayley Groves (Membership rep)
Matt McGuinness (Membership rep)
Nigel Dong (Regional rep)
Sonia Barker (Membership rep)






Northern Region Committee 

Chair Committee
Not filled through the nomination process
(new Chair TBC)

Aaron Lindsay
Craig Hopkins
Greg Chawynski
Kerry Newell
Linda Kestle
Matt McGuinness
Mike Gibson

Central Region Committee 

Chair Committee
Dennise Austin

Daniel Benton
Graeme Anderson
Jacqui Cuff
Nigel Dong
Sean Irion

Southern Region Committee 

Chair Committee
Graeme Earl

Farran Inglis
James Woods
Kam Cheng
Stephen Kleehammer

The first meetings of both the National Board will occur on Thursday the 17th of October. The first meetings of the Regional Committees will occur in September.

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