COVID-19 update for the Building and Construction sector

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The CHASNZ and Construction Sector Accord websites has been updated with the latest COVID-19 guidance for the construction sector. Read more below and follow the links to access useful documents and information. 

Testing and returning to work during Omicron 

At each of the three phases to the Omicron response, there are different requirements for businesses, including testing and how long cases need to isolate for. This is to better enable critical workforces to continue operating through a widespread community outbreak of the Omicron variant. 

Q&A to help understand the Omicron phases 2 and 3 pathways 

Working with MBIE Building Performance and CHASNZ, the Construction Sector Accord has compiled commonly asked question and the answers. They include: 

  • Does construction fall within the ‘critical’ definition, including residential construction?
  • What is the Close Contact Exemption Scheme?
  • Does Bubble of One apply to construction sites, including residential?
  • Can I work in someone’s home if they are present?
  • Can I rely on RAT testing?

COVID-19 vaccines and the workplace factsheet 

Employees are entitled to reasonable paid time away from work during their normal working hours to receive a dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, including a vaccine booster. Employees, however, are not entitled to paid time off to take their child or children for their COVID-19 vaccination. You can read more details by downloading the factsheet. 

Download the factsheet (English)

Download the factsheet (Other languages)

Other resources 

Risk Assessment Guide for Vaccination

Construction Protocols Cleaning and Hygiene Guide

Information for Close Contacts

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