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The undertaking of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a requirement of NZIOB membership, as it is with most professional membership bodies. The NZIOB provides its own CPD events that members can attend to accumulate the minimum requirement of 10 CPD credits per annum. These events cover the range of short Chapter events such as site visits and seminars, through to the National run events such as this year’s BIMinNZ Conference, and the Building Legends series of formal workshops. Attendance at these, along with online learning opportunities, and membership of one of the NZIOB’s governance groups (National and Regional), provides members with an abundance of opportunities to accrue CPD.
Also available to NZIOB members, is the ability to log CPD credits with the NZIOB, for attendance at training and/or educational events that are provided by others, whether that be: other membership institutes, sector associations, tertiary bodies, or training organisations. For example, attendance at a BRANZ seminar attracts NZIOB credits, as does an NZIQS or NZIA webinar, or an industry conference such as RMBA’s Constructive or Prefab’s Colab. The NZIOB promotes many of these events on the non-NZIOB event page on our website. Conversely, attendance at NZIOB CPD events is recognised as eligible for CPD credit by the other construction industry membership organisations.
Though the CPD credit/point allocation differs, CPD reciprocity generally applies, it is just a matter of the member remembering to log it on their NZIOB membership portal.

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