Grant Harris reflects on his two-year term as NZIOB National President

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In looking back on; not just the past year, but the past two years that I have had the privilege to be the National President of the NZIOB, I can say that I am pleased with the progress that we have made, and with the direction in which we are heading. 

This progress culminated in March of this year, when the NZIOB hosted the inaugural ‘Constructing our World’ conference, in collaboration with our Tripartite partners. In looking back on what we have achieved since 2015, there are some key areas in which I believe we have made good progress:
Financial sustainability
We needed to ensure the financial soundness of the NZIOB, with the creation of sufficient reserves being our priority. Growing our financial resources enables us to do more for our membership, and I am pleased that we are now in a better financial position than we have been in for many years.
Membership growth
This remains a key objective for the Institute’s strength and longevity. Since the implementation of the Strategic Plan there has been a greater focus on strengthening our membership numbers.
Tripartite Strength
We have created a stronger alliance with our Tripartite members, the Australian Institute of Building and Singapore Institute of Building. This was in its infancy in 2015, and we have now achieved our first international conference together.
We need to ensure that the NZIOB has strong governance. We have now developed the Governance Manual for the National Council and Chapter Boards, with governance training for the Chapter Boards to come. We have made great progress on the updating of our constitution to bring it into the modern world, and we are currently looking at the Institute’s Governance structure via a separate work stream.
Finally, I wanted to see the NZIOB awaken, as did our members. We wanted to become more visible in the media, create greater interaction with government, and provide a stronger voice for the NZIOB membership. In this, we have come a long way in the past two years and I have enjoyed being part of what has been a period of incredible change for the NZIOB.

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