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As this will be our last newsletter for 2020, the NZIOB would like to wish all our members and their families a very Merry Christmas. “It has certainly been a challenging year for the NZIOB, something we have in common with thousands of organisations across New Zealand, and millions of enterprises across the world,” says NZIOB CEO, Malcolm Fleming. “At the outset of COVID-19, we undertook to not only survive but to respond positively in order to position ourselves strongly for the post-pandemic environment. We trialed a lot of new approaches, particularly with our membership communications and the way we delivered events. On the latter, some of our events went online exclusively, while others provided in-person and virtual attendance options. 

“Along the way we ended increasing our membership, we grew our premier event – the New Zealand Building Industry Awards, and most importantly we developed a clearer understanding of what it is that high-performing construction practitioners require from their membership association. The culture of the NZIOB is that we have the mindset of a gritty start-up, we will give things a go, just like our members do with the companies they own and/or manage, or the projects they run. I am very proud of the NZIOB National Office performance this year, and I would like to acknowledge the support of the Graeme Birkhead-led NZIOB Board, who backed our offense-focused response to COVID-19. The year could have unfolded very differently for the NZIOB without that level of trust.”

The NZIOB hope you all get to enjoy a well-deserved break. We have some exciting projects and initiatives planned for 2021, which we are looking forward to sharing with you all as the New Year unfolds. We think it fitting, however, that following an unusually tumultuous year, full of challenges and big changes, we will start 2021 with the running of our traditional summer social programme, which includes the Northern and Central Region Golf Days in February, and the NZIOB & Kalmar Fishing Competition in March. Until then, the NZIOB wishes all its members a great summer break.

The NZIOB National Office will be closed from midday Thursday 24 December 2020 until Monday 11 January 2021. 

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