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The Government has announced a new Code of Ethics for Licensed Building Practitioners (LBPs) to ensure high standards are maintained in the industry. 

The Code of Ethics will also give the public more confidence that LBPs are reputable and operate ethically. It covers a range of ethical obligations, including working safely, acting within the law, taking responsibility for actions and behaving professionally. 

The majority of LBPs already meet these standards, but the introduction of the Code of Ethics will hold those to account who do not. Where LBPs do not comply with their obligations, a complaint can be made against them which may result in disciplinary action by the Building Practitioners Board. 

The Code of Ethics comes into force from 26 October 2022, giving LBPs a year to understand the changes and how to comply. MBIE are developing resources to support this transition period, and these will become available over the next twelve months.

Find out more about the Code of Ethics for Licensed Building Practitioners

Building (Code of Ethics for Licensed Building Practitioners) Order 2021

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