Night at the Trots postponed to March 2022

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The NZIOB Charitable Education Trust has announced that due to COVID-19 Level 3 restrictions in Auckland, they will be postponing their Night at the Trots fundraising event at Alexandra Park Raceway until Friday the 18th of March 2022. 

About the NZIOB Charitable Education Trust 

The NZIOB Charitable Education Trust is a recent amalgamation between the NZIOB’s two trusts: the NZIOB Charitable Trust, and the NZIOB Southern Chapter Education Trust. The move blends the former’s promotion of construction industry research and initiatives to drive industry betterment, with the latter’s focus on providing opportunities for those with trade qualifications to undertake ongoing study, so as to assist an individual’s career development. 

Along with its new national coverage, the Trust also has a greater quantum of annual gifting to undertake, all of which leads to a wider distribution of funding, both geographically and in terms of proposal types that the Trust provides funding opportunities for. In the fourth quarter of 2021, the new Trust will launch its new programme of scholarships, prizes, and grants.

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