NZIOB 2021-2023 Strategic Plan

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Following on from NZIOB’s Strategy Day in March, a post-workshop exercise was undertaken to group the ideas that emerged from the presentations, discussions, and working group summaries, into a set of cohesive themes. These themes were then presented to and discussed by the National Board, and a resulting set of Strategic Goals was established, see below. 

Diversity: Promote the building industry to under-represented groups and highlight the benefits those groups bring to the industry. 

Wellbeing: Promote wellbeing through the work of others and via own programmes. 

Young Professional Advisor (YPA) Support: YPA support and implementation of their recommendations. 

The NZIOB of 2030:

  • Leadership: NZIOB is an enabler and forum-provider for industry thought leadership.
  • NZIOB as a hub: The NZIOB becomes the conduit of construction information and the industry’s connective tissue.
  • NZIOB Structure: Develop a business model that will allow the NZIOB to deliver on a and b above. 

A visual representation of Strategic Plan is being designed and will be finalised over the coming two weeks. This document will serve as the roadmap for the newly appointed National Board and Regional Committees (whom will be in place following the July AGM) to follow, including the alignment national and regional events to the Strategic Plan. Aspects of this are already underway, with the development of student-only events and a recent webinar, aligning with the strategic goals of YPA Support and Wellbeing respectively.

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