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A core component of the NZIOB’s purpose is to provide high-quality Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to both its members and to wider industry practitioners. Running in parallel with this purpose is the Institute’s strategic goal to play a role in raising performance and productivity levels across the building industry. NZIOB conferences, which to date have been held every two-years, pull these two themes together.

Since 2013, the NZIOB has hosted four conferences: Bounce-back (2013), SMART (2015), Constructing our World (2017), and BIMinNZ (2019).

In order to build on our past conference successes and to increase our CPD offering, the NZIOB National Board has determined that from 2019, the NZIOB will hold conferences annually. As such, a conference committee has been formed, and planning for an NZIOB Conference to be held in Auckland in October 2020 is underway. The programme will reflect the current key issues and opportunities facing the building industry from both national and international perspectives. The Institute’s two most recent conferences included multiple international speakers, an aspect that will feature the 2020 edition. Details on conference speakers and themes will be announced as the programme develops.

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