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The Labour-led government is proving to be very focused on the building industry, with multiple work packages being undertaken in the first half of this year. There have been two general types of engagement for the Institute to involve itself in to date: one is by invitation to partake in feedback interviews, the other has been to participate in the call for submissions process.
The engagement for which the NZIOB has been invited to partake in feedback interviews, includes:

Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment (MBIE)
Edition 2 of the Construction Procurement Guidelines. The NZIOB was one of a small number of industry associations approached to provide input into the 2019 update of the Construction Procurement Guidelines. This has involved an initial meeting, along with an ongoing opportunity to provide comment on drafts of the guidelines.

NZ Treasury’s Infrastructure Transactions Unit
Meeting with a Treasury appointed consultant to provide industry feedback for their review of the use of the New Zealand Standard Conditions of Contract in local and central government initiated construction projects, including special conditions of contract. 

Submissions that the NZIOB has produced in response to public calls for submissions, includes:

Building System Legislative Reform
The NZIOB’s submission can be viewed HERE

Ministry of Education
The Reform of Vocational Education (ROVE).
The NZIOB’s submission can be viewed HERE

As an industry association that represents a membership drawn from the full building industry supply-chain, the Institute has become recognised as a sector voice that is valued. This is due to the broadness of our view, and our ability to express that view in a timely and articulate manner.

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