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The New Zealand Construction Industry Council (NZCIC) is undertaking a review of the NZCIC Design Guidelines. 

This first step in the review process is to survey construction industry practitioners via the respective databases of the NZCIC’s 35 member organisations. After the survey, the next step will be to pull together a working group to undertake the update. 

Since their introduction, the NZCIC Design Guidelines have become a reliable tool for the construction industry and have widespread use across the full spectrum of disciplines. The NZIOB was well represented in the group that developed the 2016 version of the NZCIC Design Guidelines, with that update standing up well. 

The NZIOB is one of three NZCIC members who have worked on the development of this current survey. Our involvement is reflective of the wide use of these Design Guidelines amongst our broad membership base. This review offers an opportunity to resolve inconsistencies, improve the way the guidelines are used by clients, professional services and contractors, and identify specific areas for industry education. 

In order to create the most impactful changes to the documents, the NZCIC is looking for feedback from across the sector to better understand stakeholder needs. If NZIOB Members who utilise the NZCIC Design Guidelines could please complete the survey by 9:00am on Monday, 27 September. 

View and complete the NZCIC Design Guidelines Survey

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