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In this week’s NZCIC/CHASNZ weekly update, the key themes are 'Being back at work under Level 3' and 'Looking forward'. In preparation for operating at COVID-19 Level 2 (no date has been announced on when that might occur), the industry has begun work on protocols for working at Level 2. The Construction Sector Accord is continuing to develop its ‘Construction Sector COVID-19 Response Plan’, with a current work package focused on producing further guidance on procurement and contractual issues that have arisen during the lockdown.
Also under development seperately, is a set of principles for government agencies to follow when negotiating the cost of variations due to COVID-19. While the industry is delighted to be back on site, we need to adhere to the Construction Industry Protocols in order that we play our role in ensuring New Zealand stays on its positive trajectory towards eliminating the virus.

Read the NZCIC/CHASNZ 30 April update

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