About Clearhead

Wellbeing support in your pocket

Clearhead is an online mental health and wellbeing platform that’s free for all NZIOB members to use.

1. Go to nziob.clearhead.org.nz

2. Follow the prompts to sign up and create a profile.

3. Verify your email address (you may need to check your spam or junk folder)

Chat to the Digital Wellbeing Assistant to better understand your challenges.

Our Digital Wellbeing Assistant is powered by smart technology and built by trained therapists. Your Wellbeing Assistant is trained to recognise the areas you need help with, and recommends digital tools designed by experts to confront and overcome these challenges.

Understand yourself on a deeper level with the Mood Journal.

A place for regular self-reflection that helps you see the connections between what you do and how that can impact the way you feel. The Mood Journal can help you prevent challenges and focus on activities that benefit your overall wellbeing.

Work through your Guided Wellbeing Journey full of self-help and coping tools.

Be guided every step of the way through your journey of self-discovery. Your Guided Wellbeing Journey is full of self-help, tools that will help you track your progress over time and equip you with the skills you need to improve self-awareness and mental fitness.

Book sessions with more than 300+ registered therapists from across New Zealand.

Clearhead s online booking system allows you to browse and select therapists from all across Aotearoa, including those with specific expertise in niche areas. Through your workplace, you re eligible for a limited number of funded sessions, either online or in person.

All your sessions will remain confidential.

To book therapy:

1. Login to your Clearhead account.

2. Click Find a Therapist

3. You can filter a therapist based on their specialisation and/or location.

4. Scroll to find a therapist that suits your needs.

5. Select a therapist and read more about them,

6. Select Book Now on their profile.

7. Work through the booking form and select a time that suits you.

8. Click Confirm. You'll recieve an email when the appointment has been confirmed by your chosen therapist. Please note that any appointments will need to be self funded.

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