Welcome to our new Members


The following people have joined the NZIOB, having their membership ratified by the NZIOB Board last month. A warm welcome to you all and we look forward to connecting with you at an upcoming NZIOB event. 

Northern Region

Dominic Fleischl (Member)
Jarrod McKelvie (Associate)
Andre Koolen (Member)
Wayne Hayvice (Member)
Wajiha Shahzad (Member)
Sabino Tills (Associate)
Ali Elmal (Graduate)
Withanage Indika Udesh Perera (Member)
Monica Wong (Member)
Morne McLeod (Member)
Gavin Wight (Member)
Jason Moore (Member)

Central Region

Andrew Bukiel (Member)
Helen Moate (Member)
Parke Englebretsen (Associate)
Bernie Pitt (Member)
Hamish Allen (Associate)

Southern Region

Bruce Leane (Member)
Tashinga Chisaka (Graduate)
Hirokazu Yoshida (Associate)

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