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Armano Papageorge, a PhD student from Victoria University of Wellington’s School of Architecture, has won this year’s New Zealand Institute of Building Charitable Trust Award. The announcement was made at the 23 August New Zealand Building Industry Awards dinner in Auckland.
The NZIOB Charitable Trust offers up to two $10,000 scholarships each year to recognise, encourage and financially support recipients from a trade, technical or professional role, who are proposing to pursue a project linked to building through research, practice or professional development.
Graham Stanage, NZIOB Charitable Trust Chair, said: “These scholarships were established to encourage aspirational thinking that has the potential to increase the building industry’s performance.”
“In selecting Armano Papageorge as the recipient of the 2019 NZIOB Charitable Trust Award, the judges considered his entry to be particularly relevant to the advancement of an area that is likely to play a significant role in future – namely that of 3D printing in concrete construction and how it can be applied in a New Zealand context, notably to our current codes and practices.”
The $10,000 cash award will fund research into how 3D printing can influence and optimise different architectural and structural systems. It will fund Armano’s continued research with New Zealand’s Innovation Agency (Callaghan Innovation) that, with the use of their technical equipment, will develop a 3D printing workflow to produce structural concrete wall elements.
The award will also allow Armano to procure software and equipment to develop his systems and to engage with local consultants to further his research. It will also enable him to visit Eindhoven University of Technology and other industry contacts in the Netherlands where the knowledge base of 3D printing is rapidly growing and is in wider use than here in New Zealand.
Armano Papageorge said, "I am extremely grateful to be a winner of this year’s award. It will help immensely in progressing my research to the standard and resolution that I have envisioned for it."

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