2019 marked an important year in the NZIOB’s history, with structural milestones, such as the new NZIOB Constitution being ratified. Reaching this particular milestone has allowed for: the NZIOB to transition to a full Board governance model; an election process that collectively provides greater membership involvement in the Board selection process; and an ability for the Board to fill any skills or representation gaps that become apparent once the newly elected governance group is in place.
In mid-2019 another milestone was met, with the attainment of a capital base, enabling the NZIOB to start investing more meaningfully in itself, its membership, and the building industry. One of the more visible examples of this will be a membership drive campaign, planned for an April launch. Another area in which the Institute is pushing an ambitious agenda is the development of a national student awards programme; one that will not only deliver positive outcomes for the NZIOB, but for the broader building industry also.

The Construction Sector Accord’s Transformation Plan was launched in early January 2020. The timing, of what has been described as a ‘once in a generation’ opportunity to reimagine our industry, occurring in the first few weeks of a fresh decade, encourages us to think about what could be achieved over the next five and ten-year periods. The NZIOB expects there will be areas of strong alignment between what the Construction Sector Accord wishes to achieve, and what the NZIOB will be focusing on over the short to medium term. The social and industry capability topics that feature in the Institute’s ‘Built to Last’ conference, provide a pointer to where those overlaps may lie.

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