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The New Zealand Construction Industry Council (NZCIC) is the peak body for the New Zealand construction industry, with a membership comprising 35 construction associations. The NZIOB is an NZCIC member, with the Institute’s CEO filling the NZCIC Deputy Chair role. For the 2020 election, the NZCIC developed a list of six election platforms representing key opportunities and threats facing the New Zealand construction industry.

The NZCIC 2020 Election Platforms were sent to the Building & Construction spokesperson of each of the five main political parties, who were invited to participate in a recorded interview with Radio New Zealand journalist, Phil Pennington. The conversations included each politician being allocated two-minutes to articulate their party’s overarching building and construction policy, following which Phil asked them questions pertaining to the NZCIC Election Platforms. 

The result is five separate videos, one per political party. As the editing is light, the recordings come across as a conversation, with Phil’s follow-up questions changing to follow the thread of the politician's answer to his main Election Platform question. 

Whether you watch the full series of five, or only watch those of parties that you are more aligned with, understanding the level of alignment each political party has with the construction industry will be informative. 

View the NZCIC Election Platforms

View the videos:

Conversation with Shane Jones of the New Zealand First Party
Conversation with Marama Davidson of the Green Party
Conversation with Duncan Webb of the Labour Party
Conversation with Tim Van de Molen of the National Party
Conversation with David Seymour of the Act Party

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