COVID-19 Response Plan for the Construction Sector

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The Construction Sector Accord’s Steering Group has been tasked with developing a strong connection between industry and government throughout the full lifecycle of COVID-19. Initially set-up in April 2019 to transform the construction industry, the Accord’s Steering Group (made up of industry and government leaders) has made construction resilience and recovery its priority during the pandemic.
As COVID-19 moves through its lifecycle, the Construction Sector Accord has moved its attention from the initial, industry resilience focus to the current position of preparing the sector to return to operations as quickly and painlessly as possible. On Monday of this week, the Construction Sector Accord’s Steering Group announced its government-endorsed COVID-19 Response Plan. A summary of the Plan is: 

  • Phase 1 – Maintain: Retain a viable sector during the shutdown
  • Phase 2 – Restart: Ensure readiness to restart works and accelerate projects
  • Phase 3 – Transform: Refocus on high performance

Actions across the phases are focused on: 

  • Maintaining and accelerating the pipeline of work and removing barriers to restarting works
  • Keeping cash flowing in the sector
  • Ensuring a fair and consistent approach to how contractor costs are covered and/or reimbursed during the shutdown
  • Additional financial and other support that could be available for employees and business owners
  • New health and safety guidelines to ensure a safe return to work

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