COVID-19 Standard for Construction Operations

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Construction Health & Safety New Zealand (CHASNZ) has been tasked by the Construction Sector Accord with developing safe work processes for all who work in and around the construction sector, while New Zealand is operating under COVID-19 alert levels.
Businesses must, at a minimum, be able to implement good health and safety processes, including physical distancing, hygiene, and tracking of persons that address risks posed by COVID-19.
The first draft of a Standard for the construction sector has been developed. The Standard covers the high-level principles for construction-related activity carried out by businesses and the minimum requirements for operating safely during COVID-19 Alert Levels 2 and above. The Standard is industry-wide.

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The Standard will be underpinned by protocols that are currently being developed. Those protocols will cover how the requirements described in the Standard can be carried out across the industry and will provide sector-specific guidelines for residential, horizontal, and vertical operations.
The work on developing protocols is being treated as a high priority, with the work scheduled to be completed by the end of this week. The protocols will available at the earliest opportunity.