2018 marks the second year that the NZIOB Charitable Trust has offered two $10,000 scholarships ($20,000 in total), the purpose of which is to encourage and financially support a suitably prepared trade, technical or professional person to pursue a project linked to building through research, practice or professional development. Such a project must have the potential to contribute to the advancement of some aspect of design, construction, or management of buildings in New Zealand.
The NZIOB Charitable Trust welcomes applications from both academia and practitioners. Whether a candidate has a construction related research proposal that they wish to progress, or they are seeking seed money to develop a new product, technique, or technology, the Trust is keen to receive an application, which must be submitted by Saturday the 30th of June.
The NZIOB Charitable Trust Rules and Instruction documents can be downloaded from the Awards page of the Trust’s website. “When we start on our assessment of this year’s applications, the overriding thing that will be on the judges’ minds, is whether a candidate is proposing something, that if realised, will it lead to betterment of the construction industry” says NZIOB Charitable Trust Chair, Gina Jones.  “If we can answer yes to that, then the proposal is a contender for one of the two $10,000 scholarships.” The recipients of the 2018 NZIOB Charitable Trust Awards will be announced at the New Zealand Building Industry Awards on Friday the 24th of August.
The NZIOB Charitable Trust’s annual gifting of $20,000 can only be achieved by an active fundraising programme, which for the past two years has included a rugby lunch in Wellington (this year’s event was held on the 15th of June) and an evening event in Auckland. The Auckland event this year is ‘A Night at the Trots’, which will be held at Alexandra Park on Friday the 21st of September 2018. Details can be found on the Events page of the Trust’s website.

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