The NZ Building Industry Awards are open to anyone in the building industry, not just NZIOB members. We encourage your company to nominate your high performers for this year’s Awards.

The NZIOB’s Awards programme began in 1994, with an initial emphasis on recognising the achievements of project managers running commercial construction projects. Over the years, categories such as Innovation, Young Achiever, and Safety Excellence were introduced to provide a broader industry focus.

In 2018, the Awards programme was refreshed significantly, culminating in two more categories being introduced: Consultants, and Interdisciplinary Collaboration. The result is an awards programme with a suitable category for all high-performing building practitioners to enter. Another shift was the name change from the NZIOB Awards for Excellence to the New Zealand Building Industry Awards, a description that better represents the NZIOB’s own broad industry membership.

These changes were well supported by industry, with an immediate increase of attendees to the Gala Dinner of 20%, and two years in a row of 30% per annum growth in entries. The Gala Dinner is one of the largest in the building industry and is recognised as a must-attend event for the industry’s leadership.

Unlike other industry awards, the New Zealand Building Industry Awards reach across professional boundaries and provide entrants with recognition from ‘industry’ as opposed to acknowledgment from ‘professional peers’ only. The Awards are open to anyone who participates in the design and delivery of New Zealand’s built environment. For employers of finalists, it is an opportunity for them to showcase their company’s capability, and the talent that their culture and systems produce. Entries are judged by a panel of senior construction practitioners.

Key dates:

8 May              Entries close
29 May            Preliminary Judging complete
03 –10 June    Finalists notified
15 – 26 June   Face-to-face interviews
21 August        Awards Ceremony & Dinner (Cordis Hotel, Auckland)

For more information and to enter online, visit

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