One of the goals for ‘Constructing our World’ is to showcase global construction technology and innovation trends. One organisation that has undertaken a significant study into this topic is Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). 

CSIRO's 2016 ‘Farsight Report’ undertook a scenario planning study on the future of Queensland’s construction industry. The project had a 20-year horizon-line, and provided a fascinating and thought-provoking glimpse of where the construction industry is heading (click here to download a copy
The project was delivered in partnership with Construction Skills Queensland and engaged 80 leading experts across the state. What could the industry look like in 20 years’ time, and how might job profiles and skills requirements change? Four scenarios were developed to explore answers to these four questions:

  1. The digital evolution
  2. Smart collaboration
  3. Globally challenged
  4. Rise of the robots

This is a future in which the landscape for the construction industry is barely recognisable from today. George Quezada from CSIRO/Data61 will draw on the Farsight Report’s findings, and discuss important implications and strategies for navigating this digital age.

“Now is the time to explore the implications of technological and global change on how we build for the 21st Century” says Mr Quezada, “the march of digitisation along with advances in artificial intelligence and robotics promises to eliminate many dull, dangerous and difficult tasks. This means new construction processes involving advanced manufacturing techniques and 3D printing of buildings and even steel structures. Jobs will be lost and new ones created, but there is no guarantee of a smooth transition“.

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