Constructing our World Save the Date flyer

In collaboration with the Australian Institute of Building (AIB) and the Singapore Institute of Building (SIBL), the NZIOB is pleased to announce that the three institutes have agreed to stage biennial international construction conferences from 2017.

The first of those biennial conferences will be hosted by the NZIOB, and will be held in Auckland in March 2017. The Conference is titled ‘Constructing our World (People, Performance, Purpose). Subsequent international construction conferences will occur in Australia (indicatively 2019) and Singapore (indicatively 2021).

Like the NZIOB, the AIB and SIBL uniquely represent the entire construction sector in their home countries. The ‘Constructing our World’ conference is therefore an exciting opportunity for the NZIOB and our Asia Pacific partners to showcase global construction across the supply chain. The vision is that presentations from speakers across the globe will resonate with the full spectrum of construction industry practitioners.

Over the coming few months the Conference Strategy Group will be identifying speakers who can talk about; construction innovations, technologies, disrupters, practices, and methods that are beginning to emerge in the construction world, yet are not widely adopted or known about in our region. In effect, we will be identifying the next wave of construction ‘best practice’ that is yet to lap on our shores. The committee welcomes any ideas from our membership on potential conference speakers, and invites you to send any such ideas through to the NZIOB CEO, Malcolm Fleming (

‘Constructing our World’ represents a significant undertaking and opportunity for the NZIOB. We look forward to keeping you posted as the program of world-class construction speakers takes shape.

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