Earlier this year the NZIOB became a supporter of the Keystone Trust, which is an organisation that we believe does an outstanding job of providing the means for prospective students interested in the building industry to undertake property or construction studies. We see a nice tie-in between the NZIOB and the Keystone Trust, as over the last few years we have observed members of the Keystone alumni being recognised at our annual awards programme. This confirms to us that post-graduation, a recipient of a Keystone scholarship is on a trajectory to become a future leader of companies and associations (like ours) that operate within the industry.
Keystone Trust believes that irrespective of a person’s background, if they have a desire to follow their dream to become part of the building industry, the Trust is able to help them achieve that goal. This year, the Keystone Trust will be offering up to 17 scholarships to both; school leavers that are interested in enrolling in construction and property qualifications, and those already engaged in tertiary education.
These scholarships are some of the most supportive available to students wanting to undertake a qualification that sets them on the pathway to a career in either construction or property. The scholarships provide financial assistance, while the broader Keystone Trust programme offers; professional mentoring with industry leaders, varied work experience, and personal support from a team of people who are invested in the student’s wellbeing.
Applications for the Keystone Trust’s 2018 scholarships are now open. To view the range of scholarship opportunities available, please visit the scholarship page of the Keystone Trust website.

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