Since 2015, the of launch the annual Hays Construction & NZIOB Salary Guide has featured speakers from the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE) who have used the NZIOB event as a forum for industry engagement. Often, the presentations of forecasts such as the annual Construction Pipeline and the Future Demand for Construction Workers reports receive their first public airing at this NZIOB event.
For 2018 the trend continues, with the NZIOB being very pleased to announce that at this year’s Hays Construction & NZIOB Salary Guide launch in Wellington on Thursday the 9th of August 2018, a representative from MBIE’s Kiwibuild Unit will take the opportunity to provide the building industry with an update of their thinking and progress on meeting the Labour-led government’s ambitious target of building 100,000 high-quality, affordable homes over ten years. Having had the opportunity to hear the Kiwibuild Unit share some of their strategies with the Construction Industry Council earlier in the year, the NZIOB is of the view that the Kiwibuild Unit is undertaking some smart initiatives that provide some confidence that the government’s house construction targets can be met.
Attendees at the NZIOB’s 9 August event will receive a rare opportunity to gain insight into the work that the Kiwibuild Unit are undertaking, and the opportunities that this work-stream will create for our industry. Bracketed with the Kiwibuild overview, is the timely presentation of the 14th edition of the annual Hays Construction & NZIOB Salary Guide. The main observation from this year’s report is the high degree of variability in remuneration levels across regions. An overview of what that detail is and what it means, will be undertaken by Hays New Zealand Managing Director, Jason Walker.
This year’s edition of the annual Hays Construction & NZIOB Salary Guide launch brings together KiwiBuild strategy and actions to sit alongside the Hays renumeration data. This is a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) event that NZIOB members will receive 3 CPD credits for attending.
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