Each of the three NZIOB Regions currently run Student Awards programmes in conjunction with their local construction schools. The Northern Region has the distinction of running two programmes (Auckland and Northland). Though all the existing Student Award programmes are successful, they are variable regarding the categories that can be entered, the way assessment is undertaken, and whether the recipients are chosen by the tertiary bodies or judged by the NZIOB.

Led by the NZIOB’s Young Professional Advisor (YPA) group, the development of a coordinated regional and national Student Awards programme for 2020 is underway. The proposed new programme will include consistent categories and judging criteria being applied across all regions, with regional category winners going forward to be considered for national awards. A working group has been assembled and is comprised of YPAs and NZIOB members who work in construction schools. This group is currently preparing a proposal that will be presented to the National Board in February 2020.

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