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In refreshing the NZIOB’s 24-year old awards programme, we looked at how easy it is to nominate someone for our awards. To understand this, we spoke to those within construction and consultancy companies who are tasked with putting together entries across the full spectrum of industry awards programmes.
The feedback was that an NZIOB Awards entry was too time-consuming and required high level engagement from the nominee, many of whom had no time, or whose skills do not lie in writing about themselves. Another constant piece of feedback was that smaller companies were reluctant to nominate their high-achievers, as they felt that their printed entries would not appear as polished as those produced from larger companies with marketing departments. The NZIOB has taken these comments on-board, and made the entry process; online, quick and simple. We have also eliminated any prospect of bias, by removing the ability to ‘brand’ submissions. A summary of initiatives undertaken includes:

  • The entry forms are now online;
  • The entry form itself has been simplified, with less sections and a reduced word-count;
  • There is a pop-up pdf that provides an overview of the entry form questions and requirements, so that the writer has a clear understanding of what needs to be produced, before starting the online entry;
  • The online forms can be saved and returned to later; and
  • There is no ability to brand the online form, they are generic.

A key goal of the NZIOB in refreshing our awards programme, was to broaden the range of companies that nominate their people for the awards. In simplifying the entry process, the result will be a larger volume of entrants, and greater diversity among the nominees and the companies that employ them.