NZIOB Charitable Trust harnesses a winning formula

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The NZIOB Charitable Trust’s annual Auckland fundraiser occurred on the evening of Friday the 21st of September. A horse racing event was a first for either the NZIOB or the NZIOB Charitable Trust, with the Alison Smith organised event proving to be great fun for attendees, and a successful fundraiser for the Trust. What made the event so successful, was that the relatively low cost of attendance and the informal environment, encouraged companies take their staff rather than clients. The 'Night at the Trots' therefore became a social event for the companies, rather than an event with an underlying business focus.
With over 300 construction industry participants in attendance, the event was well supported, and an effective fundraiser that will contribute to the NZIOB Charitable Trust’s annual awards programme, which involves two $10,000 scholarships being presented each year ($20,000 in total). The purpose of the awards programme is to encourage and financially support a suitably prepared trade, technical or professional person to pursue a project linked to building through research, practice or professional development. Such a project must have the potential to contribute to the advancement of some aspect of design, construction, or management of buildings in New Zealand.
The event was well supported by ten supporters, nine of whom had races named after their companies. The 2019 'Night at the Trots' will be held on Friday the 17th of May.