A formal lunch for the NZIOB’s Past National Presidents occurred on the afternoon of the 24th of August, the same date as the New Zealand Building Industry Awards dinner. The Past Presidents lunch therefore doubled as a celebration of the 25th edition of an NZIOB awards programme, and the 35th anniversary of the Institute itself (founded in 1983).
The lunch marked the third occasion that the NZIOB had bought the Past President group together, and so it was a special event. The Past Presidents were joined at the lunch by the current NZIOB Council, along with the President and Chief Executive of the Australian Institute of Building.
In welcoming the Past Presidents, NZIOB Chief Executive, Malcolm Fleming observed that “the event allows the current NZIOB Council, to connect with our Institute’s history. For this is what our Past Presidents alumni represent to us, those NZIOB leaders who have gone before us. To borrow an All Blacks phrase, you represent those who ensured that the Institute was left in a better place than what it was when you took on your role. Each of you in turn have built on the work of your predecessor. The time and energy that you have all provided to the NZIOB during your time in charge is acknowledged as an important contribution that has shaped the NZIOB of today.”
The current NZIOB President acknowledged that many of the Past Presidents remain active contributors to the NZIOB, through participation in: several of the Institute’s working groups and committees; awards and scholarship programme judging; and as trustees of the NZIOB Charitable Trust and Southern Trust. The NZIOB is very fortunate to have such a valuable Past President alumnus to tap into.

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