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Last month, the NZIOB ran a particularly successful CPD event in Auckland. Construction industry legend, Warren Hollings (MNZIOB) provided an overview of the key elements from his 2016 book, ‘Stand and Deliver - Leadership and the Power of Teamwork’. Warren’s book has been described as being “destined to become the modern project manager's go-to text for strategy, planning and harnessing the power of teamwork to achieve outstanding results”.

The November occasion was a sellout, and provided an opportunity for emerging construction practitioners to hear from one of our industry’s most decorated Project Managers. The positive feedback provided by those in attendance, reinforced the NZIOB’s view that there is a high-level of interest from the younger generation of Construction Managers to be exposed to experienced industry figures like Warren, whom can provide them with relevant and insightful tools and techniques to grow their own capability.

The Institute is considering the logistics of producing a suite of seminars or workshops that meet the need that has been identified, with NZIOB President, Graeme Birkhead and Warren Holldings producing a plan to take the project forward. Engagement with industry millennials to establish from them, what type of material and subject matters they would like to see developed, will be important. This is an exciting programme for the NZIOB to embark on, and one that sits well with the Institute's founding principles, namely, raising performance within the sector.