Protocols for working at COVID-19 alert levels

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Yesterday, we advised members that the COVID-19 Standard for New Zealand Construction Operations had been published by Construction Health & Safety New Zealand (CHASNZ). Overnight, CHASNZ has published the underpinning Protocols for working at COVID-19 alert levels.

There are two Protocols:

  1. Construction Protocols: Applicable to commercial (vertical) and civil (horizontal) construction during COVID-19 Alert Level 3*
  2. Residential Construction Protocols: Applicable to residential construction during COVID-19 Alert Levels 2 and 3
    *The industry is currently working on Alert Level 2 Construction Protocols for commercial and civil construction

The two Protocols provide ‘how to’ guidance for working at COVID-19 risk levels. The Protocols that have just been released are Versions 1.0 and 1 respectively, of what should be considered living documents. These Protocols will be kept updated by a working party of health and safety practitioners from across the industry.

The Protocols must be read in conjunction with the overarching Standard.

The development of the Standard and Protocols is the result of considerable collaboration between several industry stakeholders who have worked closely with CHASNZ to have these frameworks produced in readiness of the government announcing a date for the reduction of COVID-19 Level 4 to Level 3 (an announcement on what that date will be is due Monday 20 April). Individual businesses will be required to develop their own Business and Site Plans that adhere to the Standard and Protocols.
The construction industry now has the framework it needs to safely restart under COVID-19 Level 3.