See Who's Coming to 'Constructing our World': Dr Helena Lidelow, Sweden

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Dr Helena Lidelow is the Platform Manager at Lindbacks (, Sweden’s leader in industrialised construction of apartment buildings. Helena believes that a “systems builder must manage technology, the building process, and the business situation simultaneously. The balance between the three is more important to master than optimising each of them separately.”
Helena’s topic at ‘Constructing our World’ is ‘Industrialised construction in Sweden - from single-family homes to multi-family buildings’. “People often ask what the most important thing is to consider when working with prefab and industrialisation?” says Helena, “I never answer that you need machines or fancy automation equipment. What it really is about is integration of predefined solutions. They can be realised through the simplest of technologies and still be extremely industrialised.”
Bringing Helena to New Zealand is the result of a collaboration between the NZIOB and Prefab NZ, with Helena speaking at our ‘Constructing our World’ and at Prefab’s ‘CoLab 2017’. Reciprocal membership rates apply to both events, and the two institutes are sharing the logistics of the Wednesday 22nd of March Site Visit.

Seminar dates are Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th of March register at