See Who's Coming to 'Constructing our World': Lit Yin Lam, Hong Kong

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Lit Yin Lam is a senior surveyor, and the General Manager of D-Reality Consultancy in Hong Kong. As a practitioner, Lit Yin’s projects have included Hong Kong International Airport, West Rail, HK-SZ Western Corridor, Venetian Orient Cotai Parcel 5&6 (Macao), Express Rail Link (XRL).
Lit Yin also processes a wider industry view as Chairman of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineering Surveyors (HKIES), a position he has held since 2008. He has a particular interest in emergent surveying technologies and their potential for the construction sector.
Lit Yin’s presentation at ‘Constructing our World’ is titled “Application of Remote Sensing in Building Project Management.” “As Hong Kong's high-rise building projects are always constructed within a very tense construction period, the traditional point-by-point surveying approach limits a land surveyor’s involvement in those building projects to reference lines only.” says Lit Yin. “By using the latest remote sensing technology (including laser scanning and photogrammetry), a surveyor could capture mass geospatial data within an hour. Subsequent exporting of those survey results into ‘Point Cloud’ format enables the data to be presented in different visualised methods, including the design consultant’s Building Information Model (BIM). The surveying service would not only be expanded, the construction project’s efficiency could also be enhanced by better communication among project team and other stakeholders.”
Seminar dates are Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th of March. Visit to register today!