See Who's Coming to 'Constructing our World': Neil Horsfield, New Zealand

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Neil Horsfield is a Chartered Professional Engineer, and a Principal at Beca
Neil leads Beca's Building Structures business and is responsible for structural engineering operations in New Zealand and Indonesia. During his career, Neil has led the structural engineering design for many major commercial building projects in the UK, Asia, and New Zealand. 
Neil is passionate about creating the right environment for the people in his business to express their creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. He is currently interested in disruptive forces in the construction industry, and is challenging his own business to identify opportunity out of disruption, with a view to shaping our industry, rather than being shaped by it.
Neil’s presentation at ‘Constructing our World’ is titled “Shaping the construction industry - Identifying opportunity out of disruption”. The presentation will centre on the notion that, to be sustainable, construction industry businesses should keep in view the range of market opportunity that exists in the built environment. In his presentation, Neil will draw the distinction between differentiation, diversification and disruption to create market opportunity. 
In Neil’s view, “the world is changing faster than ever before. New ideas, new inventions, and new technology are disrupting the way we live and do business.  Change, or be changed, that is the question!”
Seminar dates are Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th of March. Visit to register today!