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No doubt you’ve seen the dynamic line up of speakers we have for 2017 - I’m delighted to be coming back as MC for such an important event. It’s always a pleasure to share the stage with key influencers in such a key industry.
As the daughter of a builder and commercial project manager, I grew up being very aware of the many complexities the construction industry had to deal with in this ever-evolving space. I saw my father constantly searching for innovation - taking great ideas and systems, and turning them into practical solutions on the work site. Building requires such a diversity of skills, logic and intuition – but like any industry, it stagnates if not constantly pushing forward.
Often, in transitional times such as these, the pinch point can be the process and speed of change. The Building Industry is vibrant right now, with a forecast of continued stable work in the immediate to mid-term. It is always the right time to find out how to work stronger and smarter – technology moves rapidly, so we need to – but, what noise to listen to, and what to ignore? This conference is the perfect place to explore new systems and innovations able to be taken back to the building site to impact work across every level of your business, no matter the size – meaning there’s something for everyone!
We all understand the need for more effective and efficient construction solutions, allowing the industry to deliver and make money while doing it. Other industries have had to change rapidly in order to survive. Are we resting on our laurels? What will be the next competitive advantage for your company? Are you a follower or a change-maker? This conference is a welcome, honest forum, to digest and discuss the latest developments of the industry - it’s definitely the ‘don’t miss’ event.
The Building Industry is more than economics - it influences and dramatically affects the fabric of our communities. Society reaps the benefits of healthy buildings, quality construction and affordable builds – I think Malcolm has got the industry covered perfectly with his line up and I look forward to taking the time to unpack the latest with you this March – see you there.

Seminar dates are Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th of March register at 

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