The President’s Award was established in 2006 to celebrate and recognise members who have made an invaluable contribution in time and effort to the administration and/or promotion of either a Chapter or the National Body. The award can only be made once in every National President’s two-year term of office. For 2018, NZIOB National President Graeme Birkhead, elected to use the biennale award to recognise the significant contribution of NZIOB Northern Branch Chair, Trevor Griffiths. The award was presented to Trevor at the New Zealand Building Industry Awards.
Trevor joined the NZIOB in 1990. He is a Fellow of the Institute, and holder of the NZIOB’s two qualifications: Registered Construction Manager and Chartered Building Professional. He is known for having two business cards that he hands out to new construction industry people upon initially meeting them; “I first hand out my company card, and once that business is completed, I hand out my NZIOB card, and talk to them about the Institute”, says Trevor. This approach has seen the activity of the NZIOB’s Northland Branch maintaining extraordinary high levels since its inception 15 years ago.
It is his energetic and sustained promotion of the NZIOB in the Institute’s Northern Chapter region that was recognised by the Institute. A summary of Trevor’s NZIOB achievements includes:

  • Tenure as Northern Chapter President (1998–2000);
  • Co-founding of the Northland Branch in 2003;
  • Establishment and ongoing running of the Northland Branch Student Awards; and
  • Co-founding of the Waikato Branch in 2005.

 Trevor Griffiths is a well-deserved winner of the 2018 NZIOB President’s Award.

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