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A traditional strength of the NZIOB has been its Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme, which until now has been primarily delivered via face-to-face mediums: seminars, site visits, workshops, and conferences. With COVID-19, we are developing a suite of webinars and other online resources for our membership. Tailored to COVID-19 specifically, the topics we have concentrated on initially are those that reflect the feedback we received from our recent member survey. The number 1 topic that our members wanted to gain a clearer understanding of was contracts and Extensions of Time (EoTs). This is the topic we will start the online programme with.

Webinar: Contracts with Minter Ellison (Wed, 8 Apr 2020)
The first webinar will be a general coverall, followed by more specific topics. The first Contracts webinar addresses the key contract issues that have arisen since the COVID-19 Level 4 lockdown. Details on how to register will be released later today.

Webinar: Wellbeing
Another topic our members viewed as being important is Wellbeing. We are close to finalising an initial webinar by a Behavioral Science expert, who has undertaken a considerable amount of work in the construction industry. This webinar will focus primarily on how attendees can ‘lead teams and support well-being under these COVID-19 circumstances - and do so remotely’.

Online Resources: Finance advice pertinent to the Construction Industry
The NZIOB is in discussions with BDO’s James MacQueen (MNZIOB) about creating a suite of online resources that will be specifically targeted to companies who work across the construction supply chain. We will announce these as they come on stream.