The history of the NZIOB started in 1964 under the banner of the Australian Institute of Building (AIB). In 1983 the umbilical cord was cut, and the NZIOB was incorporated. Throughout its now, 36-year history, the NZIOB and its membership have been very focused on performing two core roles:

Development of an active and collegial construction community that provides CPD and social events to a membership that is drawn across the entire sector.

Representing the entire construction Industry as an energetic, articulate, and reliable stakeholder. 

With the former, the NZIOB is committed to providing our members with a great membership experience. For the latter, the Institute undertakes projects and represents the industry in a way that is consistent with our foundation principles, namely:

  • Encouraging high performance within the construction industry and raising standards and productivity;
  • Representing the construction industry and lobbying on its behalf;
  • Fostering construction research and innovation;
  • Engagement with Government;
  • Providing quality Continuing Professional Development (CPD) events for industry. 

Every two years the NZIOB National Board sets its strategic direction, with progress against the resultant Strategic Plan being evaluated every 60 days.

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The New Zealand Institute of Building (NZIOB) has been running an annual awards programme since 1994. For the 25th edition of the awards in 2018, the NZIOB Awards for Excellence was renamed the New Zealand Building Industry Awards. The new name clearly identifies that this awards programme pertains to the building industry. What has not changed, is the focus of both the NZIOB and GIB® on acknowledging and celebrating the practitioners behind New Zealand’s most successful building projects.


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The NZIOB Charitable Trust is registered on the Charities Register (registration number CC32376), first registered in June 2008, being a re-registration of the earlier NZIOB Charitable Trust founded in 1985 (required with legislation changes).

In an 11 March 1993 letter from Garry Tait noted: “The Trust was formed in 1985 and is specifically used for educational purposes, grants and scholarships.”

Visit the NZIOB Charitable trust website to find out more and to register for upcoming events:


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Constructing Our World was held in 2017 in Auckland and in 2019 in Sydney. Visit for more information.

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