As a member of the NZIOB you have opportunities to make professional contacts, advance your career and business, gain knowledge at exclusive events, shape the industry and much more.

NZIOB membership is broken up into three regions: Northern (north of Taupo), Central (south of Taupo), and Southern (South Island). See this map for where the regional boundaries lie.

Each region has a Regional Committee – the local face of the NZIOB, hosting social and CPD events, and creating positive networking opportunities for members.


Like many professional membership organisations, the NZIOB is constantly challenged
with ensuring its membership offerings and activities are relevant and responsive to the
construction industry’s younger generation.

To address this, the NZIOB created a sole Young Professional Advisor (YPA) position in
2019, with the appointee providing strategic guidance from the perspective of millennials,
to the NZIOB National Board. This was soon expanded by adding YPA representation to
the NZIOB’s three Regional Committees and forming a separate Young Professional
Advisor Committee.

Meet the Young Professional Advisor Committee