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Adorn the bird with feathers so it may soar.

Awards 2024

Join us to celebrate our outstanding people! 

The awards evening will take place on 30 August at the Viaduct Event Centre in Tāmaki | Auckland. 

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Extensions of Time in the Omicron Environment 

This is the recording of the following webinar:

What ability is there for main contractors to seek an Extension of Time (EoT) for the inevitable delay in project completion dates that will occur as a result of Omicron-imposed staff illnesses and absences, both on site and across the supply-chain? The topic of EoTs in the current environment is a critical construction industry issue. The NZIOB wishes to provide its membership and wider construction industry with good practical advice on this topic, so that main contractors and project managers have the information they need to assist their decision making and approaches to any EoT claim that may be required.

Mirroring the NZIOB’s broad membership base, the panel of presenters for this EoT webinar has multiple views represented, with the traditional lawyer/main contractor/project manager presenter line-up being supplemented with guidance from the Construction Sector Accord.

Free for NZIOB Members & $25 + GST for Non-Members.

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Site Safe & NZIOB Wellbeing 

This is a recording of the following webinar:

NZIOB and Site Safe have developed a webinar on the topic of Wellbeing/Mental Health in Construction. The event will draw upon a Site Safe commissioned 2021 study undertaken by Massey University that investigated stress on construction sites. 

The key site stressors that were identified in the research report are:

  • Organisational Stressors (time pressures, volumes of work and cognitive ability); and
  • Poor Communication & Collaboration practices 

For this webinar, NZIOB and Site Safe have assembled a speaker line-up that covers the construction supply-chain. Each speaker will discuss what they are doing to promote mental health initiatives in their companies in relation to key findings from this study.

Free for NZIOB & Site Safe Members** / $25 plus GST for Non-Members

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This is the recording of the following webinar:

The redevelopment of Scott Base, New Zealand’s home in Antarctica, is the largest and most complex project ever undertaken by Antarctica New Zealand.
The redevelopment of Scott Base will see the aging infrastructure replaced with a safe, fit-for-purpose, and sustainable research facility that will support New Zealand’s presence in the Ross Sea region of Antarctica for the next 50 years.
The new base will continue Aotearoa’s long legacy on the icy continent and strengthen our ability to support world-leading research in one of the most remote places on the planet!
Consisting of three interconnected buildings that can accommodate up to 100 people, the new base will include an accommodation, dining and welfare building, a science and management building, and an engineering and storage building.
Due to the remote location and short summer period, the window to build in Antarctica is small. The plan is to pre-construct all buildings at PrimePort Timaru in New Zealand and ship them to Antarctica on a large heavy transport vessel in large modular sections. Specialised trailers will be used to transport the building sections on and off the vessel and into final position at Scott Base.
The existing base will be deconstructed and returned to New Zealand, along with all waste, equipment and materials.
The new base is planned to be up and running in 2028.
The ultimate ‘Built to Last’ case study, this event will examine the core topics of resilience, technology and wellbeing in what is arguably the harshest environment in the world.

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NZIOB Legal Session with Richard Johnstone

This is the recording of the following webinar:

NZIOB and Richard Johnstone of Left Bank Chambers invite you to an online legal session discussing a selection of recent topical cases, concluding with a Q&A segment. The cases will include Court of Appeal, High Court decisions, and a recent decision of the High Court of England and Wales covering:

  • Claiming damages for delay
  • Holding a director accountable under Section 131 of the Companies Act, when a personal distribution is made before paying contingent claims
  • Whether exclusion of liability or a monetary cap operates if one party has deliberately breached the contract
  • If there is no written agreement, which terms might be implied
  • Cancelling the build contract in the face of a dispute resolution clause

Richard’s distilled points from the cases will be of interest and importance for members in all sectors of the building industry.

Free for NZIOB Members & $25 + GST for Non-Members.

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NZIOB Webinar: Application of Digital Engineering in The Water Sector (PURCHASE)


This is the webinar recording of the following webinar:

Auckland is expanding rapidly. Essential infrastructure needs to keep pace with this growth, including the water supply network. That’s why Watercare commenced The Waikato River to Redoubt (R2R) programme to deliver an additional 50 million litres of treated water per day from Waikato River to Auckland. The fast track nature of this programme, presented several challenges to design, consenting and construction teams. The programme needed to be procured, designed, consented, constructed and commissioned in parallel and within 12 months’ time frame to meet Watercare’s target operational date in line with predicted lake storage forecasts.

Watercare, and its partners Beca, Fletcher Construction Company Ltd (FCC) and Fulton Hogan (FH) recognised the criticality of implementing effective digital engineering (DE) processes to achieve the outcomes of the programme. During this webinar, Farzam and Sven will share their experiences about innovations developed to implement effective digital engineering approaches for the R2R programme, challenges they faced and outcome of the programme.


Farzam Farzadi  
Associate  Digital Engineering Advisory, Beca 

Sven Harlos
Programme Manager - Waikato River to Rebout, Watercare Services Limited