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The outcome of the 26 March ’21 NZIOB Strategy Day was that the Institute has four focuses for the upcoming two-year period. Three focuses to get on with immediately (active) and one longer term goal to envisage what the NZIOB will look like in 5-10 years’ time.

  1. Diversity
  2. YPA support
  3. Wellbeing
  4. NZIOB by 2025. This represented the longer-term strategic goals that flowed out of the March 2021 Strategy Day:
    • NZIOB as a hub
    • Leadership
    • NZIOB Structure 

Action on Strategic Goals 1 to 3 are well advanced, while a change in board (2019-2021 NZIOB Board to 2021-2023 NZIOB Board) occurring soon after the March 2021 Strategy Day, has left Goal 4 unresolved in terms of how to progress the three strategies that make up NZIOB by 2025’. 

Action on how to tackle that bundle of three goals is being undertaken at a half-day strategy refresh session for the board in February 2022. The session will be run by Peter Harrison, who served as the external facilitator at the March 2021 Strategy Day. Pre-work for the February session includes a paper by the NZIOB National Office that outlines a staged approach to increasing the National Office capability in order that the NZIOB is suitably resourced to deliver on the Institute’s significant potential and growing board and member expectations.

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