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Please upload your Curriculum Vitae, this should outline your relevant practical training along with all industry experience (dates and company names should be included)


Please include any tertiary qualifications you have achieved as well as any other examinations/certifications. If you don’t have any qualifications please contact us.

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Please provide the names and contact details of two people in the building practice (other than your selected proposer and seconders).


Once your application has been reviewed a membership grade will be assigned to you. There is a one off member administration fee of $54.50 +GST
No payment will be processed or invoice generated until your membership has been approved. Membership fees are prorated from time of membership approval.



If you have chosen Credit card as your preferred payment method you will be taken to our external payment gateway to authorise your card. This allows us to activate your annual membership (once approved) without requiring you to log in.

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You may change your payment method at any time by visiting the payment settings page in your membership portal.

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