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  1. Treat others as you would like to be treated.
    Act with integrity and in good faith – be honest, fair, trustworthy, professional and respectful in all business dealings and relationships.
  2. Keep Informed.
    The Institute will do our best to source insights into the building and construction industry for you. Your job is to actively engage with the information and events we produce for you.
  3. Play fair, be honest and obey the law.
    Follow all laws, regulations, codes of practice and standards relating to the building and construction industry in your work.
  4. Treat information with respect - don't spill the beans or spread gossip.
    Respect confidential information relating to business activities of your employer, client or other parties.
  5. Disclose any conflicts of interest.
    We know New Zealand is a close community. Be objective and impartial. Would it pass the ‘front page of the paper’ test?
  6. Click here to read our full Code of Ethics and Conduct

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