Membership Application Process

Applying to become a Full Member 

The application process will take 10-15 minutes. You may need the following items to complete your application:

  • Scanned copies of any qualifications you have obtained during study/employment
  • A CV showing your construction experience
  • Permission from one NZIOB member to record their name as your Proposer (required for non-resident applicants only)
  • Name and contact details for two referees (these do not have to be NZIOB members)

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Applying to become a Connect Member

 As a Connect Member you receive many of the membership benefits such as access to exclusive events and opportunities to engage but you won't be able to collect CPD points or be a 'certified' member. You wont need to provide any documents to apply and this membership is at a discounted rate. 

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Applying to become a Next Gen Member 

This membership is for all those in training in the construction industry - students, cadets and apprentices. Kickstart your career journey with the best industry connections across the construction sector.

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Applying to become a Trial Member

Not sure if Membership is right for you? You can try before you buy with a 3 month trial. You will receive all our communications, event invitations, and membership benefits (attendance at most events is free) for the 3 months. After that you can decide. 

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Applying to change or upgrade your Membership 

If you are already a Member and wish to change/upgrade your membership, please log in to the Membership Portal.


If you get stuck at any point in the application process, please email 

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