Membership Application Process

Applying to become a Member of the NZIOB

Read the below instructions before you begin the application process so you know exactly how much time to allow and have all the necessary information you will need to upload.

The application process will take 10-15 minutes, depending on the amount of information you need to upload. We suggest you attain the following information before beginning as this will make the process a lot easier and quicker. 

  • Scanned copies of any qualifications you have obtained during study/employment
  • A detailed CV showing your construction experience
  • Permission from one NZIOB member to record their name as your Proposer (required for non-resident applicants only)
  • Name and contact details for two referees (these do not have to be NZIOB members)

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Applying to become a Student Member of the NZIOB

Gain free student membership for some awesome benefits and networking opportunities.

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Applying to become a Trial Member of the NZIOB

As a Trial Member, you will receive all our communications, event invitations, and membership benefits (attendance at most events is free) for four weeks.

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Applying to change or upgrade your NZIOB Membership 

If you are already a Member and wish to change/upgrade your membership, please log in to the Membership Portal.


If you get stuck at any point in the application process, please email or call (04) 282 1484.

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