10 ways to prove yourself at work during and after COVID-19


One of the NZIOB’s National Sponsors, Hays, offers insights below into how to adapt within your role, if required, because of COVID-19 changes and uncertainty. 

If you love your job and want to advance your career, you’re no doubt working hard to rack up as many successes as you can. At the same time, change and uncertainty resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic may have left you feeling that you need to prove yourself and position your role as ‘indispensable’. But failing to manage this situation in the right way could leave you feeling overwhelmed, overworked, and burned out. 

This raises the crucial question: how can you prove your value at work, without burning yourself out in the process? There are ten insights provided, which if followed will see you well on your way to undeniably demonstrating the unique value you can provide in your professional life in the months and years ahead. 

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