Announcing the Construction Career Pathways Project (Pathways Project).


The Institute is pleased to announce that it is undertaking a Construction Career Pathways Project (Pathways Project). This is in the early stages of establishment and more information will be shared as it is developed.

This is an early call for members who may be aligned with Career Pathway work to please get in touch with us. 

The goal of the Pathways Project is to establish an agreed and centralised framework with a clear definition of roles, related competencies, and the career pathways between them. The intended Pathways Project outcome is a ‘Skills Framework / Careers Pathway’ output available digitally, similar to the ‘Skills Framework for Built Environment’ document created by Skills Singapore. You can view the precedent document here

The aim is to create documentation to make the skills, training and career pathways clear to all those in the industry – with a particular focus on those entering the industry, whether from education or from other careers. This guidance will similarly assist those already in the industry to make informed decisions about their career choices and pathways.

It will also be helpful for employers, particularly in small and medium enterprises (SMEs), in providing a consistent template for creating role descriptions and understanding the range of roles across the industry. A key focus area of the research will be looking at how newer areas such as digital construction and engineering integrate into the framework and pathways.

The project will be project managed by the NZ Institute of Building and will be run in collaboration with and with funding from the Building and Construction Training Fund (BCTF) and the University of Canterbury’s Building Innovation Partnership (BIP) research programme (funded through the Science Partnership programme by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE)).


Can you contribute?

We are on the lookout for anyone with expertise in the career pathways space along with subject matter experts across the commercial construction industry.

We will make some approaches directly but if you are interested then get in touch our Project Manager – Hannah Nansett at

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