Five tips to make client complaints disappear


Client complaints, I don't want them, heck nobody does. I recently read an article in Carters Tradie Leader magazine that tackled this very issue. To recap, here are author Daniel Fitzpatrick's five tips that'll have those client complaints set sail for good.

  1. Invest in your onboarding (and win back your time).
    Create a brief "how we work" guide, setting out your standards from the outset and something you can go through with every new client.
  2. Find the real issue (if they're getting too involved).
    Stay in control of over-involved clients by digging deeper. Ask them what they've heard, uncover their main concern, repeat back to them to make sure you understand, then explain your process and why what they are afraid of won't happen.
  3. Learn to say no to the clients you don't want.
    Enough said.
  4. Separate yourself from the rest.
    Arrive on time, update them if running late.
    Tell clients about things your aren't charging for.
    Explain things in their terms.
    Train your crew to be extra polite.
    Treat their property with care.
    Give a final handover worthy of their investment.
    Give a quick courtesy call to follow up after completion.
  5. Build a team your customers love.
    Look at team performance, get everyone on the same page and improve individually and as a team.

Read the full article here.  

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