Member Survey 2022 Results



We asked our members in a short survey what they wanted from their Institute. Some interesting results came out of it, here we have the top 3 responses for each question. 

Why are you a member of the Institute?

  • 81% - Connecting with others at events
  • 71% - General knowledge update (learning for learnings sake)
  • 33% - Hear inspirational and motivational speakers

What would yo like from your Institute in 2023?

  • 71% Innovation (offsite, green, carbon) learnings + how to apply it to my role/business
  • 57% Webinars with learning points (LBP or CPD)
  • 52% Regional Site Visits

One thing your Institute could do better for you?

  • Engagement
  • Inclusivity
  • More diverse learning

Where would you like to receive updates about the Institute's upcoming events + happenings?

  • 66% - Direct email
  • 52% - LinkedIn, Newsletter, website

Thank you to all our sponsors for their generous support

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