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Real-time employee monitoring, one of the basic infrastructures for building a smart construction site, is already beginning to be implemented worldwide, and New Zealand's construction industry is increasingly exploring greater use of the technologies to assist in improving health & safety, productivity, and efficiency. At present, we know little about these applications as employee monitoring is not well-received in terms of tracking individuals on construction sites. This implies that there exist some concerns for applying employee monitoring in the industry. 

The Building Research Association New Zealand (BRANZ) is funding a Massey University School of Built Environment study into real-time employee monitoring. It will identify and validate the legal, ethical and behavioral concerns for the employee monitoring implementation in the New Zealand construction industry and will deliver specific differences by strike a balance across the critical concerns between employers and employees. NZIOB is supportive of the BRANZ-funded Massey project, as it touches on two areas in which the NZIOB has particular focuses: construction industry well-being, and construction productivity. 

NZIOB members are invited to participate in this survey, which provides an opportunity to express concerns about using employee monitoring on construction worksites, prior to the research project moving into the live trial stage. The survey takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and closes on 31 March. 

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